The Alternative to Renting

As more millennials pursue a post-secondary education, the availability of safe, affordable accommodation is getting more difficult and the cost of accommodation for a student over a four year period can be extremely expensive.

Realizing the advantages, parents are choosing to purchase a condominium as an alternative choice to renting.

Braecrest Luxury Condominiums provides the ideal setting for parents of college and university students in need of accommodation throughout their education.

Located close to the Assiniboine Community College campus and Brandon University, your student can enjoy a clean and safe living environment while you can enjoy a return on your investment.

Each unit boasts two bedrooms and two bathrooms allowing your student to take in a roommate. This can help with the cost of mortgage and fees and further build your return on investment. The extra bedroom can also serve as your place to stay when visiting your student.

After graduation you can sell your condominium or perhaps you will want to keep it for retirement.