What It’s Like

A Life of Simple Luxury
In our age of efficiency and easy accessibility, performance is often a key factor when deciding how a major purchase will affect our lifestyle: be it from upgrading to a new cell phone to purchasing a new vehicle or investing in a residence. When one thinks of a “house” the term conjures visions of endless headaches and possible complications; the dreaded snow shovelling during our frigid Canadian winters or having to reshingle after a particularly stormy summer while installing sump pumps for flooding basements. Alternatively when we think of a “home”, we think of safety, relaxation and being surrounded by those we care about. A home should not consume all of your time or energy – at the end of the day, your home should be for living and relaxing in, not a continuation of your work! Our goal at Braecrest Condos is to take the “house” out of “home” - leaving you with all the benefits of home ownership with none of the inconveniences.

Anyone from the first time buyer or the busy professional to those looking to retire can find the added responsibilities to property ownership deterring and overwhelming – not so when your home is at 831 Braecrest. Even if you are an experienced home owner simply looking to downsize, minimizing the amount of energy required for you to maintain your home will allow you more time for the things that matter to you.

What's Nearby?
Located on the City of Brandon's quiet and picturesque North Hill, Braecrest Luxury Condos are conveniently situated close to excellent restaurants and shopping centres, including the Corral Centre.  Recreation facilities and both walking and bike paths are also nearby perfect for nature and fitness enthusiasts, while those interested in pursuing post-secondary interests can find Assiniboine Community College campus just down the road on 1st Street North.

Most Importantly...
With Braecrest Condos, you can forget the house; you have a home.